Album review: Lost and Found (by Jónsi and Alex)

Favorite songs: (1) Hundslappadrífa, (6) Wind in Our Ears.

I didn’t think it would be possible to unseat the record for “My favorite album of all time,” but then Jónsi and Alex managed to change my opinion. They took what I previously considered to be my favorite album, Riceboy Sleeps, and developed a companion album that has become my “absolute true favorite album of all time.” Lost and Found revisits the moods and atmospheres from Riceboy Sleeps and portrays them in a new and unique manner that I was totally unprepared for, and that I love in every conceivable way.

Taking my earlier metaphor of using a microscope to discover and expand upon nuances from Sigur Rós songs to create Riceboy Sleeps, it’s as if the microscope was brought out again to find another level of previously unnoticed yet equally deserving detail. The pair finds moments and moods from Riceboy Sleeps and further indulges upon them with an opulent amount of arrangement and care.

Concepts and scenes from Riceboy Sleeps are teased out and developed in a darker, more somber manner with a characteristic, unrelenting intensity and polished narrative that only Jónsi and Alex could provide.

Since Lost and Found is a companion album to Riceboy Sleeps, perhaps they didn’t dethrone my favorite album of all time… Perhaps they just expanded on it, showing even more of what it could be… and what it always has been, deep down.

These open-ended possibilities are most apparent in how the album ends. The album’s final song, Wind in Our Ears, treats you to a lovely initial melody that builds out of the dusty scratches of the past and turns into a rallying cry full of perseverance and drive. The song starts to fade away in a place you expect an album’s final track to fade. Then, the duo lifts the curtain and presents the album’s true finale. They uncloak a swelling ambiance with lavish intensity that only serves to remind the listener of the infinite power of creation. The possibility of creation that lies within all that is and all that will be. It’s a reminder that the album is not over. There’s new places where even it can evolve and grow. Infinite development, infinite growth.

That true finale always leaves me with a smile and rush of emotion. It’s almost as if they’re teasing me, that they could pull it off again – make another album I’d consider my new favorite of all time, all from something they’ve already created and produced, a mood they built so long ago. All it takes is for them to pull out that magical microscope. It’s a reminder that all things are possible.

For that reason, combined with my long, consistent love for their work in Riceboy Sleeps, Wind in Our Ears easily became my favorite song of all time.

And for those reasons – for all of the stories that this album tells – this has become my favorite album of all time.