Mac software alternatives

One of the only difficult parts of the transition from Windows PC to Mac was finding alternatives to Windows-only programs that I had grown reliant upon.

Here’s some useful software that I’ve found:

  • Commander One dual-pane file manager with queued file transfers
  • iTerm for SSH terminal work (or simply use Mac’s built-in Terminal app)
  • Jami for making VOIP phone calls
  • MP3TAG for editing MP3 tags
  • Name Changer for bulk file renaming
  • OpenEMU for emulating game consoles
  • PhotoBulk for bulk image manipulation (Mac’s Preview app works for simple bulk resizes, etc.)
  • Swinsian for playing music
  • Transmit for remote file management (FTP, SSH, SFTP, AWS S3, etc.)
  • Xee for image previewing
  • XLD for ripping CDs and bulk converting music files between different formats