Shredded cheese

There was no other choice, I had to move them to a safer outpost. A quieter outpost, where we’d be out of the reach of the super mutants and raiders. A place where we could rest.

When we arrived, I cleared out some small nuisances that were present, and then we settled in. Then we started collecting food and supplies that were laying around. I found several containers of sour cream on the ground. Daniel, her son, plopped onto a couch, and asked how long we’d have to stay here. He was clearly unhappy with my answer.

She looked over at me. A jumbo sized bag of shredded cheese that she had found was folded over her arm. Exhaustedly, she asked, “Do you even know what you’re doing?” Her voice was whiny but her Southern drawl helped make her seem charming. I told Anna Nicole I’d keep her and her son safe, and I was holding to my word. But even she seemed skeptical I could follow through with my promise.

“Well, yeah, I mean, I know how to check the date on the food packages. If it hasn’t been too long since the date has passed, we’re probably good to eat it. I know basic survival skills.” She glared at me.

Determined to prove my point, I fired back an even snarkier reply. “We’re just living here, you know… We’re not opening a textile mill.”

That didn’t help.