Jekyll Base, a starting point for building new Jekyll websites.

Leona, a WordPress framework for enterprise environments.

Laika, automated analytics retrieval and dashboards.


How to set up a CDN (WordCamp 2016)

Slowly loading websites not only negatively influence the customer’s perception of your brand, but they also negatively impact your site’s search engine rankings.

How to set up a CDN

In this presentation by Gaelan Lloyd, learn how to use a CDN to reduce load on your server while speeding up the delivery of your website’s files to visitors all around the world. You’ll learn how to set up two inexpensive yet powerful systems from Amazon Web Services: Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront.

Your first child (theme)

Themes are fundamental to a WordPress site.  But, they usually require some customization to get them to look as you want them to.  In this presentation I show you how to properly customize a WordPress theme using Child Themes so that you can safely make changes to a theme without modifying the author’s code.